Explaining the Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

cloud services chicagoCloud computing has become more and more common. A very basic definition of the cloud is: a group of remote servers where people can store and access their data. One benefit of using the cloud is that powerful programs and files can be stored at a remote location so they don’t use up memory on personal computers and bog down operating systems.


Not All Clouds are the Same

However, not all clouds are the same. There is the public cloud, the one with which we’re most accustomed. But then there’s the hybrid cloud as well. As its name suggests, the hybrid cloud is a combination of two different types of clouds, the public cloud and a private cloud.

For an organization to provide a hybrid cloud, they store a client’s most sensitive data on their in-house private cloud, and data that requires less defense on a public cloud. For instance, archived files and big software programs.


The Hybrid Cloud Approach Makes Sense

The hybrid cloud is a great way for companies to both cut costs and save space. It takes advantage of the less expensive public cloud while guaranteeing that highly sensitive data is protected.


Because of this it’s not surprising that the hybrid cloud is so widely used. Businesses these days have too much data to store on their own servers but they don’t want the security risk that can come with the public cloud. Using the hybrid cloud they can keep space in their systems free while safeguarding their data.

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