How SMBs can benefit from integrating virtualization

virtualizationThe first thing to consider is exactly what “virtualization” is in the aspect of business and technology.  As “cloud” based computing becomes more the model for a new standard, the ability to squeeze more from servers and storage is necessary.  Virtualization technology is how these physical pieces of hardware are shared across many clients and there by used more efficiently. Being as this technology is related to cloud forms of services, any application being used can be shifted from one server to another easily.  Another way to look at this is that this technology creates a virtual version of something that the business needs, be it a hardware platform, the operating environment, storage, or network and related resources.

Because virtualization works to centralize tasks done by administration but allows for increased scalability and better reaction time to changing needs, small to medium sized businesses can realize increased flexibility and better use of resources at reduced costs. One example can be seen in the creation of virtual machines or hardware. In practical use, a virtual computer can run a different OS then the main one and support a different set of programs that might not normally be used on the main operating system. An offshoot of this is the use of desktop virtualization which allows access to a main program set through a remote interface like a smart phone, netbook, or tablet, this enabling a low processing power mobile unit to access the increased ability of the business computers.

This frees small to medium size business employees from working only in the office, enabling them to access their work or needed files from whichever device they have handy at the time and complete tasks that need to be done while on the go. This gives these businesses a competitive edge.

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