IT Support for Chicago Business: Protecting Against Internal Data Theft

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When they implement a data security solution, most companies are primarily concerned with data breaches that come from outside of the IT network. A hacker or a team of hackers breaks past the firewall and starts downloading data — information that is typically repurposed to serve a nefarious financial end. However, data breaches can come from inside the firewall, as well.

According to a study that Risk Based Security and the Open Security Foundation released in 2013, external data breaches accounted for 72 percent of all data breaches, whereas roughly 30 percent of data breaches came from the interior. These statistics justify companies’ concerns about outside hackers, but they also show that internal data theft must be accounted for, too.

Considering Employee Morale

When we think about internal data theft, we often envision a disgruntled employee, who uses his high-level login credentials to steal proprietary data. Does implementing a high-level, double-sided security solution mean that you don’t trust your employees? Not necessarily.

More often than not, interior data security is implemented to protect data from third parties that a company works with, such as marketing firms, IT consultants, and IT technicians. However, as with in house employees, the presumption is not that these parties would intentionally breach data.

Rather, the concern is that they may breach data accidentally by virtue of having access to certain parts of the customer’s IT network. According to the study from Risk Based Security and the Open Security Foundation that is mentioned above, the vast majority of internal data breaches happen on accident, with the party that committed the breach being unaware of it.

The Value of Business Data

Because it is cumulative in nature and supports a company’s sales and marketing efforts, proprietary business data is a highly valuable asset, one that is practically irreplaceable. This is why it’s important for your Chicago-based company to implement a two-sided IT network security solution that protects against internal and external data breaches. If you need a provider of IT support for Chicago business to help you do this, Stratosphere Networks is here to help.

As a provider of IT support for Chicago business for several years, we have seen firsthand how two-sided security solutions protect against external and internal data breaches, regardless of whether the latter are accidental or willful. For more information about our IT support for Chicago business services, call us today at (877) 599-3999, or refer to the contact form on our website.

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