IT Support Chicago: Four Common Disasters That Destroy IT Networks

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When we discuss the need for companies to have a disaster recovery plan for the sake of quickly getting the IT network up and running again, we often focus on disasters of significant proportion, such as large earthquakes, towering tsunamis, and major terrorist events.


While these catastrophes can and do destroy IT networks in the blink of an eye, and justify having a disaster recovery plan in place, they are statistically rare, and only affect a small percentage of businesses in the U.S. and beyond. More often than not, disasters that indispose the IT network are caused by small-scale catastrophes, such as the four listed below.


1. Burst Plumbing Pipes


Plumbing pipes are like most other types of building systems: they need scheduled maintenance to remain in good condition, and they must eventually be replaced. Unfortunately, predicting when old plumbing pipes are about to burst can be rather difficult, as they tend to erode from within. One burst plumbing pipe in the wrong location could wash away the IT network.


2. Activated Fire Sprinklers


Providers of IT support in Chicago routinely deal with clients that occupy large office buildings, and understand that activated fire sprinklers — whether there is a fire or not — can quickly put the IT network out of commission. Consequently, a recovery plan is typically implemented not just to account for large-scale catastrophes, but to account for small-scale catastrophes, as well.


3. Small Building Fires


According to the United States Fire Association (USFA), roughly eight percent of unexpected fires in the U.S. occur in non-residential buildings. This means that a significant number of office buildings, industrial complexes, manufacturing centers, etc. experience a fire each year. Depending on where the fire occurs and how it spreads, it could easily incinerate the IT network.


4. IT Hardware Theft


We rarely think of stolen hardware as a “disaster”. However, when thieves enter an office building, portable IT equipment such as servers and desktops are prime targets. While hardware theft may not cause the complete demolition of the IT network, it can lead to a significant period of downtime if a disaster recovery plan is not in place, a plan that supplies emergency hardware.


Need a Disaster Recovery Plan?


If so, contact Stratosphere Networks today to initiate the planning process. Fully implementing a recovery plan and working out the kinks takes time, so there is no time like the present to start protecting your company against common disasters that could easily destroy the IT network.


Stratosphere Networks is a leading provider of IT support in Chicago and beyond. If you need IT support in Chicago for disaster recovery, call us today at (877) 599-3999, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you protect the operation of your IT network.

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