Meraki 4th Quarter Update

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Meraki and Cisco hosted a fourth quarter update on July 7, 2014. Meraki made a few exciting announcements, including exponential sales growth, new partnerships and updated security  features.

Since partnering with Cisco, Meraki has experienced a huge increase in sales growth. The company had a record fiscal third quarter, with over 150 percent Year-over-Year (YoY) revenue growth.  They’ve also secured 18,000 new accounts, and found that 95 percent of their deal registrations close within 90 days. After partnering with Cisco, Meraki has gained more strength in technology integration. It has also seen an increase in customer growth in the education industry, including charter schools and secondary education institutions.

Meraki also had major wins this year, including the Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. This key business win includes 122 dealerships and revenues of $350,000. Southeast Toyota Distributors is the world’s largest independent dealership of Toyotas and Scions.

Meraki acknowledges a variety of reasons that are driving its growth. The company believes that its client-focused services, including built-in cloud benefits and extensive security features, are the most valuable offerings. With Meraki, clients don’t have to worry about device limits, controllers or per-user licensing. One of the newest features is Meraki’s Geo-based ACLs. Now, Meraki users can filter traffic based on geography, or can keep traffic within their home country. This helps protect users against malicious online attacks and makes it easier to view the origin or destination of traffic flows.

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