Tech Talks: NetWolves Security Solutions Offer Next-Gen Protection

netwolves logoIn order to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, we need to stay up to speed with the latest IT trends and solutions. To achieve that, our team of IT experts attends weekly training sessions conducted by various IT solution providers. Based on our extensive experience and sales volume with the suppliers, we receive exclusive, direct and usually in person training from these vendors. Our Tech Talks blog series offers a snapshot of these educational sessions.

Cybersecurity remains a pressing concern for businesses of all sizes around the world. No one is immune to cyberattacks, and data breaches keep making headlines. For example, a recent attack on Facebook’s network exposed almost 50 million users’ personal information, according to The New York Times. Our team recently met with representatives from NetWolves, one of our partners, to discuss managed security services and solutions that can help companies reduce their IT security risk level. Here’s an overview of some of their cybersecurity offerings.  

Provider Overview
NetWolves got its start in 1998 and is a managed network provider with roots in software development and network security. The company – which is based in Tampa, Florida – provides consolidated secure network services from more than 150 leading telecom companies. NetWolves serves as its clients’ single source for network redundancy with failover capability, design, real-time network monitoring, application device management, professional services, and reporting and support systems.

Featured Offerings
NetWolves offers a range of managed security services and helps businesses make sure their processes and systems will not only meet their current cybersecurity needs but will also keep up with evolving demands going forward. These security services and solutions range from threat ID and prevention to compliance to keystroke encryption. Here are just a couple of their advanced IT security offerings.

Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Get IBM’s QRadar SIEM as a managed service from NetWolves and leverage a leading solution in the SIEM space at an affordable cost. QRadar SIEM identifies and tracks abnormal events and threats and gathers supporting data to help the NetWolves managed services team put together detailed incident reports and conduct investigations.

Data Security as a Service (DSaaS). Regular firewalls are no longer adequate in a world of constantly evolving and increasingly advanced cyberattacks. This NetWolves offering involves a Palo Alto next-gen firewall that carries out detection and intrusion prevention to safeguard your IT environment from threats. Additionally, this solution comes with 24/7/365 support from the NetWolves Cyber Command and Control Center (C3).

NetWolves also works with leaders in the realm of cybersecurity to provide the highest quality services and solutions. Their security partners include Cisco Meraki, Cisco, IBM, Advanced Cyber Security, and Palo Alto Networks. If you already have a Palo Alto solution/IT environment but have difficulty managing it due to limited resources, NetWolves can help.

If you’d like more information about IT security solutions from NetWolves or other cybersecurity providers, feel free to reach out to our team of tech experts. We work with various vendors in our partner network and have experience with a wide range of solutions, which allows us to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients. Typically, there are no fees for our consultative services.

Our team of consultants can recommend cloud and security solutions for small to midsize businesses on fixed budgets in addition to enterprises. For more information, please email or call 877-599-3999.

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