Velo Labs Introduces Keyless, Solar-Powered Bike Lock

new bike locks for security

Velo Labs, a cycling tech startup company, has introduced its new bike lock. The new product, called Skylock, is a durable bike lock that eliminates the need for a key and charges itself while outside. All you have to do is open an app or approach the lock to unlock the bike.

The lock works through Bluetooth wireless signals and is controlled through an app. You can enable the app with a password; just in case you lose your phone you won’t lose your bike too. You can also allow friends and family members to unlock your bike, another precaution in case you can’t find your phone. Additionally, the lock will send an alert if your bike has moved, although you can adjust the sensitivity levels to match how busy the outside environment is. That way, you won’t receive alerts whenever a pedestrian or squirrel accidentally touches your bike.

The lock is also solar-powered, so you won’t have to worry about it losing battery and not being able to unlock your bike. It is also strong and durable, but should anyone try to cut through it you’ll receive an alert to your phone.

Velo Labs has started its Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 and get these locks in consumers’ hands by Christmas. You can preorder the lock through the website, starting at $159. For more information, here is a video made by Velo Labs.

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