What CIOs Should Know About the Cloud

Cloud computing is a great solution for every business in any industry, and Stratosphere Networks has all of the latest technologies to provide your business with a smooth transition to the cloud. Businesses that are connected to the cloud have reported a variety of benefits, with the following included:

Decreased Overall Costs

According to NSK Inc., 82% of companies have saved money by switching to the cloud. You'll cut down your energy usage, which is not only greener for the environment, but your wallet too. With your data on the cloud, your business won't suffer from excessive system downtimes and decreased employee productivity. At Stratosphere Networks, our fully equipped Network Operations Center is stocked full of the latest technologies, and we're ready to assist you with your transition to the cloud.

Quick Recovery Times

What if you get to work only to find your servers are down? According to Online Tech, on average businesses that don't use the cloud experience resolution times of 8 hours, compared to businesses on the cloud which have an average recovery time of 2.1 hours. Having your data stored in the cloud provides an easy, convenient back up plan so you'll never have to worry about unexpected data loss or corrupted files.


Companies connected to the cloud experience less downtime and quicker recovery periods. This means that while your competitors are relying on the old tape backup system, your employees are back on track. Since your documents and programs were virtualized and ready to be recovered, your business won't suffer from excessive downtime.

BYOD Policies

Using your own devices in the work place is becoming a popular trend. It increases employee productivity, because they are more familiar with their own devices and don't need to spend time learning new programs and software. Through the cloud, our team of talented IT technicians can hook all of your devices up, and you can choose who has access to what data. If you're worried your employees will get distracted, Stratosphere Networks can implement policies to block certain websites or programs to keep you team on track and productive.

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