Cybersecurity Incident Response

Cybersecurity Incident Response

As hackers get smarter and malware becomes more dynamic, no business can ignore the threat of cyberattacks. Even if your organization implements security solutions such as anti-malware software, email spam filtering, and firewall and server monitoring, a cybersecurity breach could still occur. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are vulnerable to cybercriminals, who are constantly working to find their way around cybersecurity defenses.

If a security incident happens, responding quickly and in the right way is crucial to minimize the fallout for your business. At Stratosphere Networks, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity incident response services to ensure that any threats that make it past your organization's defenses cause as little damage as possible.

Threat analysis. Stratosphere Networks and our security solution partners can not only help you contain and neutralize the threat but can also analyze the situation to determine the details of how the incident occurred, what data was involved in the breach, what devices were involved (mobile devices, servers, databases, etc.), and any other important details.

Malware detection. It's possible for malware to infiltrate your IT systems without you even noticing for a significant amount of time. Security threats are becoming increasingly dynamic and can bypass basic firewalls and antivirus software in some cases. We can leverage our expertise and cutting edge anti-malware solutions to identify, contain, and eradicate any threats that have made it past your defenses.

Guidance for handling a crisis. Security incidents vary in severity, and some can rise to the level of a crisis for your company (e.g., breaches that involve espionage or Personally Identifiable Information). In those extreme cases, we can guide you in how to contain the incident, manage executive communication, and other necessary steps to minimize the damage.

Data breach notification. In some cases, you will have to tell your clients, partners, and/or the general public that your business experienced a data breach. For example, if a device with unencrypted PII on it was lost, that incident might warrant a formal notification. We can help you determine if you need to issue notification following a security incident. This includes guidance concerning any regulatory and/or legal obligations your organization might have related to the incident.

If you think your business might have experienced a cybersecurity breach, it's crucial to act as quickly as possible to identify, contain, and eliminate the threat, in addition to determining how to breach occurred so your organization can take preventive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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Let us leverage the expertise of our team and our security partners to identify and eliminate the threat before it causes extensive damage. Don't let a security incident devastate your business.

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