Data Security Solutions

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Data Security Solutions

Stratosphere Networks provides extensive security solutions for businesses of all sizes across all industries. We offer protection from email spam, implement secure VPN, and provide data management security services.

Email Spam

Stratosphere Networks protects its clients' email accounts from all types of unsolicited bulk email, otherwise known as email spam. We partner with top providers of spam filtering and enterprise email solutions (e.g., Microsoft, Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Cloud Exchange, Reflexion and Zix) to keep spam out of your inbox.

Secure VPN

Stratosphere Networks also implements powerful, secure VPN for its clients in order to defend against any instances of unauthorized access to networks. A VPN gives remote offices or individual users secure access to an organization's private network using a public telecommunication infrastructure like the Internet. They offer employees working remotely who need to access sensitive data a safer option than unsecured public networks.

Data Management Security

Moreover, Stratosphere Networks ensures that client data is always securely managed so that important information is never disclosed to unauthorized individuals or systems. IT security threats are constantly evolving to become more dynamic, and data breaches are on the rise. Our proactive approach will help your business effectively fight off data security threats.

Comprehensive MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)

Stratosphere offers a range of security services and solutions. Stratosphere offers a number of best in class security solutions and through our mature partnership with IT security focused organizations, Stratosphere can offer a full end to end IT security solution for your business.

Firewall and Server Monitoring

Stratosphere partners with leading cloud-based managed security services provider firewall and server monitoring to provide our clients with Security as a Service solutions. The offerings available including the following:

Learn more about security solutions from firewall and server monitoring.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Stratosphere can also help your business stay protected from cyber threats with solutions from endpoint security solutions, a market leader in endpoint security software. endpoint security solutions offers the following products:

Learn more about endpoint security solutions from endpoint security solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

At Stratosphere Networks, we understand that an IT system malfunction that leads to lost or corrupted data can have catastrophic consequences for your business. To keep sensitive information secure and to help your business recover quickly in the event of a disaster, we offer backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity solutions, including the following:

Learn more about BDR and business continuity solutions.

If you'd like more information about data security solutions, our team of tech experts can help you understand your options and determine which solutions would benefit your business the most.

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