Desktop Support

Desktop Support

For the average corporate user, desktop support is an amenity that is often expected as part of the job. When something goes wrong with a piece of computer hardware or software, there's a knowledgeable technician on call to diagnose and correct the issue. Many small to medium sized businesses may not have the luxury of having a large or dedicated IT team with a desktop support specialist in place. For organizations that need day-to-day desktop support services, our desktop support programs are at your service.

Desktop Support Services

As your organization grows, it will more than likely run into complex IT challenges and obstacles that require the assistance of a trained specialist. With a network operations center (NOC) fully staffed with certified IT experts, the right managed service provider can help resolve issues, including wiring and equipment failures. Techs can also diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems and help with product updates. Trained and certified staff can help your business with basic moves, adds, changes and troubleshooting common everyday issues such as:

For organizations without a dedicated IT department, or looking to supplement their existing IT department, remote desktop support can help you save time and increase employee productivity. In addition, desktop support services can also benefit your remote employees who do a majority of their work on the road.

Desktop support specialists can help troubleshoot and resolve computer software and hardware issues on a variety of operating systems including Windows®, Macintosh® and Linux®. Our partners' specialists are certified in a variety of software applications and can help your organization operate more effectively, provide better customer service and increase productivity.

Our advisors can help you find a leading MSP to serve as your full-time IT provider, taking the burden of IT management off your shoulders and helping you to operate more efficiently.

In addition to IT managed services and support, we can also connect you with leading providers of managed cybersecurity services, and we offer expert cloud consulting services.

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