Mobile and Web App Development

Mobile and Web App Development

How would you like to streamline your business processes and boost efficiency with software applications custom made for your organization? The Stratosphere Networks team of senior trusted advisors can assess your company's pain points and goals and connect you with experienced developers who can create apps that meet all of your specific needs.

Customized web and mobile applications will support your company's operations in a way out-of-the-box platforms can't. By working with our advisors and development experts from our partner network, you can give your team members advanced tools that they can access from anywhere and at any time.

Enhance the Customer Experience (CX) and Stay Competitive in the Digital Age with Cutting-Edge Business Apps

Embracing new technologies via digital transformation has become essential for any organization looking to keep up with the competition. The cloud, mobile devices and other new tools have changed consumers' expectations, and overall success increasingly depends on your company's ability to deliver an exceptional CX.

Ultimately, businesses that don't adapt to the digital world will die out. Custom-built business applications can help you not just survive but transform your organization, enhance CX and boost profits.

For instance, one of our partners was able to help a vehicle transport company that found itself slowed down by inefficient processes and legacy systems. They were managing orders by manually entering data into a spreadsheet in the office, and the only way to update the status of orders was for drivers and office workers to call or email each other. This was inconvenient and time-consuming for both the drivers and office personnel, and, as a result, the spreadsheet was often out of date.

Our partner solved their problem by creating web and mobile apps for the company. The web app allowed employees in the office to track orders and deliveries (along with details like when the order was received and when the driver was dispatched) in real time, without the need for manual data entry. The app also integrates with QuickBooks for convenient invoicing. For employees, contractors and partners in the field, the mobile app gives them access to order details on the go. They no longer have to contact the office for information.

Overall, the apps freed up employees' time (since they no longer needed to do manual data entry) and allow them to do their jobs more efficiently, resulting in quicker deliveries and more satisfied customers. This is just one example showing how apps tailored to meet your company's needs can make a huge difference by optimizing operations and giving your team members the tools they need to deliver the best possible customer service.

Mobile App Development

A growing number of businesses now leverage mobile devices and applications to allow their employees to connect with clients and get work done remotely or on the go. Draw on the expertise of iOS, Android and cross-platform developers to boost efficiency with mobile apps built to resolve your unique business challenges.

Custom mobile apps can empower your company to accomplish the following:

Web App Development

Work with experienced web app architects to create online systems that allow your business to maintain remote teams. Users can access these scalable, customized web apps from anywhere if they have an internet connection. Developers can craft customized applications that address your organization's objectives and issues and that can adjust to accommodate the needs of your growing business.

Here are some examples of web apps that our skilled software development partners can create for your company:

Reach New Levels of Productivity and Efficiency with Apps Made Just for Your Business

No matter what industry you're in, we can help you revolutionize your operations with applications made with your business in mind. Start the development process today with free initial advisory services from our team of trusted advisors. Call us at 877-599-3999 or email

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