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Server management

To ensure optimal performance, the Stratosphere Networks team can manage and monitor your IT servers. Drive efficiency and productivity with our comprehensive support services. Enabling your organization to maintain a competitive edge, our staff can satisfy your evolving needs and technology requirements.

We will quickly address any server upgrade or malfunction so your business can run seamlessly, with minimal to no downtime at all. Additionally, we can carry out proactive server monitoring to ensure your infrastructure stays secure and leverage advanced cybersecurity solutions and services to protect your servers from rapidly evolving threats.

We work hard to meet all of your application and server needs, offering the following services for the highest quality maintenance:

Establish Your Strategic Long-Term Server Strategy

Many of our clients have opted to migrate from on-premises servers to cloud-delivered serverless computing to contain costs, increase accessibility for remote workers, and boost scalability. If your organization leverages the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, you can utilize SharePoint and OneDrive for convenient file storage and sharing from any device or location.

For example, one of our clients – a Chicago-based non-profit organization – was considering replacing their on-prem server, but our team determined it would cost less to move to SharePoint and OneDrive. They ultimately not only avoided the steep price tag associated with upgrading their on-site server but also no longer have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs.

Ultimately, the ideal server set-up depends on your company's specific needs, pain points and goals. Connect with our techs to discuss your current situation and receive expert guidance on server support and whether it makes sense for your business to go serverless.

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