Spoof Phishing

Spoof Phishing

One of the most common strategies hackers use to steal credentials and infiltrate corporate networks is phishing, a tactic that involves sending emails that appear to be legitimate messages in order to trick the recipient into giving away personal information or downloading malware.

These messages commonly appear to come from a familiar contact (e.g., your bank or a coworker) and often contain a link that, if clicked on, will ask you to enter login information. If you take the bait, hackers will have access to that account and all of the data in it. Alternately, the email might contain a malicious link or attachment that will infect your device with malware like ransomware when clicked or downloaded.

These phony messages can be surprisingly convincing, especially in the case of spear phishing, which involves meticulously tailored emails sent to specific and often high-profile targets, such as company executives.

A significant percentage of data breaches occur because someone fell for a phishing scam, so it's crucial to ensure that your employees are aware of this hacking tactic and know how to avoid falling for it. Security awareness training that teaches them to double check the address messages were sent from, watch for grammar and spelling errors in emails, and avoid giving away any personal info via email is a great start.

However, how will you know whether your training worked and everyone actually got the message? Our team can put them to the test with our next-gen security awareness training platform.

Are Your Team Members Susceptible to Hackers' Tricks? Find Out with Spoof Phishing

With our advanced security awareness training solution, we can carry out fully automated simulated phishing attacks, or spoof phishing. These fake phishing attempts test your employees' ability to recognize suspicious messages.

Spoof Phishing

Our best-in-class platform offers the following features to give you in-depth insights into your end users' security awareness and your organization's risk level:

  • Ability to customize phishing campaigns and training assignments according to employee's user attributes and behavior.
  • Option to send simulated phishing attachments in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF formats.
  • Capability to create highly targeted spoof spear phishing campaigns based on personal info.
  • Virtual Risk Officer functionality that provides risk scores for individual employees, groups and the overall organization.

Our solution will collect data concerning who fell for spoof phishing attempts, and those team members will get extra security awareness training through the platform.

Don't Let Hackers Reel You In. Let Your Team Learn Through Spoof Phishing.

To learn more about our security awareness training platform and spoof phishing campaigns, contact our team of security experts today by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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