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Stratosphere Networks Helps Electrical Contractor Save $40,000 With Business Continuity Solution

A Midwestern electrical contractor realized thousands in one-day savings with a backup and business continuity solution from Chicago-based IT managed service provider Stratosphere Networks.

CHICAGO - Stratosphere Networks, an IT managed service provider based in Chicago, is pleased to announce the publication of a case study that details how its business continuity and backup solution minimized downtime, maintained productivity, and achieved an estimated $40,000 in one-day savings for a major Midwestern electrical contractor.

The case study focuses on a company based in Northbrook, Illinois that carries out high-end electrical installations. A crucial server for the contractor's on-site management software became inaccessible one day due to a bad motherboard that needed replacement.

With the hardware service level agreement specifying next business day parts for the server, the contractor faced the possibility of not being able to function while waiting for the replacement. However, Stratosphere leveraged its business continuity and recovery solution to access a virtualized copy of a known good working machine state and allowed the contractor to once again access important resources. The business was able to carry on processing orders, scheduling work, and invoicing for completed jobs without having to wait until the physical server was fixed.

"We're very proud of the way our team used our business continuity solution to keep this client up and running despite a potentially disastrous hardware issue," said Steve Melchiorre, CEO of Stratosphere Networks. "Having a backup solution in place can make a huge difference for a business in terms of their profits and reputation when an incident like a server malfunction occurs."

With the business continuity solution from Stratosphere still in place, the contractor can rest assured that it will experience minimal downtime going forward. For more information, read the full case study here. Other IT support case studies are also available on the Stratosphere Networks website.

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