Super Hero Strat X Profile

Introducing... Strat X

Stratosphere Networks strives to give our clients the very best technology advisory services possible. But as our client list grows and technology continues to change, the team at Stratosphere Networks is becoming more and more exhausted. For that reason, we decided to call some backup. But this isn't just an ordinary hire. This addition can not only remedy any IT disaster that comes his way, but can do it in the air. So without further ado, it's our great pleasure to introduce you to... Strat X.

Strat Man
Strat X
Secret Identity:
Stanley Nichols
IT Help Desk Technician
Place of Birth:
Evanston, Illinois
Cloud computing, flight, virtualization, backup and disaster recovery, server and desktop support, email retrieval
IT Intimidator, Chaos Cloud, Tech Tornado, Desktop Disaster, PBXtreme, Data Destroyer, CEO Avenger, The Virtualization Vanisher
Origin Story:

Stanley was born to a normal family in Evanston, Illinois on a snowy Chicago day. From day one, he always had a fascination with technology. He excelled in math and science through grade school and eventually went to a university in Chicago for college. He graduated with a dual degree in Computer Science and Engineering and was hired to work as an IT Technician.

During Stanley's first month as a tech, one of his client's power was disrupted during a huge storm and he was sent on-site to remedy the situation. As he was working on the server, the building was hit with bolt of lightening. As the shock of electricity was sent through Stanley's body, he could feel something inside him change. His already gifted brain was transformed into a super-brain with the powers to conquer all IT issues, fly and transform technology.

Stanley embraced his new powers and became Strat X. He kept his day job, but used his powers to help even more businesses in his spare time. Along the way, he gained a whole set of new enemies, including his arch nemesis IT Intimidator. Despite the difficult challenges he's faced with, Strat X rises above to save businesses from all IT disasters.

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