Virtualization Services

Stratosphere Networks can help you consolidate administrative tasks while improving employee work-loads through virtualization solutions. Our team can tailor your systems to your specific needs including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Data
  • Network

Stratosphere Networks has virtualization capabilities for small- to medium-sized businesses and also enterprises.

Types of Virtualization


Server virtualization is the masking of server resources from server users. The ability to manually or automatically move virtual servers around allows for a completely new level of business continuity and disaster recovery.

Server virtualization carries the following benefits:

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Less space required
  • Reduced energy
  • Increased flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
  • Less hardware and software to maintain


Desktop virtualization allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer. Users are able to access their files and applications from any device, including all mobile devices.

Desktop virtualization carries the following benefits:

  • Reduced downtime in the event of malfunctions
  • Lower cost of deploying new applications
  • Greater control of data and applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs


Application virtualization allows for greater compatibility, manageability and portability of individual applications. Since applications can take up immense bandwidth and space, application virtualization allows for programs to be accessible "on demand" so that applications do not need to be installed on the host.

Application virtualization carries the following benefits:

  • Improves security
  • Less maintenance and upgrade time
  • Less hardware consumption
  • Simplified operating system migrations
  • Allows applications to run in environments that do not suit the native application

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