What CEOs Should Know About Business Continuity/Backup Disaster Recovery

BDR, or backup/disaster recovery, is essential for any business. As the CEO, it's your responsibility to make sure your business can survive in the event of a disaster. Whether it comes in the form of an earthquake or computer virus, disasters can happen and need to be planned for. In fact, the survival rate for a company without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10 percent. Ninety percent of businesses that lose data due to a disaster are forced to shut down within two years and 80 percent within 13 months.

Business continuity involves making a comprehensive plan, as well as maintaining communication within an entire office. From the senior management to the entry-level, every employee has their own role in the event of a disaster. As the CEO, it's your responsibility to make sure that the entire company is prepared. Part of that preparation includes BDR. Stratosphere Networks understands the effects a disaster can have on a business and the damage data loss can cause. That's why our partner network includes leading providers of data backups, disaster recovery and hosted data centers. While you make sure that your employees stay in the loop, our advisors can help ensure your data stays safe.

Why BDR is Necessary
  1. Business continuity
  2. Reduced downtime
  3. Secured data
  4. Disasters happen

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