Unified Communications For CFO's

You've heard it plenty, "Time Is Money." This can't be truer with regards to corporate Unified Communication (UC) systems - which include phones, video conferencing, and telecommunication software. Those nit-gritty days of trying to speak to your client over a broken telephone-signal are over.

As the CFO of any company, you need to be able to communicate with stakeholders, clients, and other personnel on a consistent basis with a high fluidity rate and no interruptions. Call clarity is a must, but doing so can be pricy.

Stratosphere Networks understands this need. Our trusted advisors can connect with suppliers of best-in-class technologies and services. With our partnerships, you will have consistency, reliability, and a 24/7/365 help center at your convenience.

Unsure about switching? Will our 99% customer retention rate change your mind or how about our FREE 2-hour consultation? Whatever your choice, remember Stratosphere Networks will reach new heights to make sure you are always on top of all technological trends.

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Reasons CFOs Choose Stratosphere Networks

CFO's Wear Many Hats

CFO's have more than just advanced knowledge of accounting and financial concepts; they help an entire company and its industry become more profitable and competitive. One day they may be crunching numbers, and the next, presenting to all stakeholders.

Technology Rules

Employees are already switching to a BYOD atmosphere; which concerns many CFO's. Time management and corporate productivity is a hard thing to track, especially when searching for a solution that will yield business-related ROI and become approved by all stakeholders.

Downtime is Bad

Majority of North American businesses are losing over $160,000 per year through technological-related downtime, with the average North American company suffering at least 10 hours of IT technological downtime per year-Which is bad news for CFO's who want to switch.

Transfer Are Hard

For CRO's, moving items, data, figures and sensitive information to a new partner is a difficult decision to make.

Stratosphere Networks is Easy

Stratosphere Networks has a proven track record, with recognition from countless firms across the nation. With advanced tools and our extensive partner network, we can connect you with providers of UCaaS platforms as well as virtualization and cloud services and backup and recovery plans suited for any business.

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