Avaya On-Premises Products

If you need best-in-class on-premises phone system solutions for your business, Avaya can supply a wide range of leading enterprise communication products to meet all your professional needs. Let us leverage our decades of experience as a trusted Avaya partner to identify which of these offers make the most sense for your business.

Avaya IP Office Solutions

Since Avaya IP Office debuted in the North American market in 2000, this phone system has risen to prominence as a leading PBX/IP telephony solution for small and midsize businesses. This highly flexible product allows for analog, digital and VoIP endpoints and can accommodate up to 360 physical endpoints. Some other standard features include the following:

  • Easy-to-use conference bridge
  • Hot desking or roaming profiles
  • Remote call forwarding
  • Call center features, including ACD and queuing
  • Personalized user auto attendant
  • Call recording
  • Call reports
  • Voicemail to email copies or alerts
  • And more

IP Office also offers these licensable features:

  • Mobile twinning
  • Advanced networking for user roaming
  • Unified messaging with full integration with Microsoft Exchange for voicemail and email synchronization
  • And more

The IP Office family of solutions also includes IP Office Select for mid-sized to large enterprises, IP Office Server Edition, IP Office Web Manager, and IP Office Virtual Server Edition. The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 is also available as the most recent control unit for Avaya IP Office Phone Systems. Our Avaya experts can help you select the IP Office solutions that best fit your needs.

Avaya PARTNER ACS Edition

For small businesses looking to stay competitive, the Avaya PARTNER Advanced Communications System (ACS) is a reliable product that enables the delivery of high-quality customer service with these key features:

  • Easy call handling
  • Scalability: Start with two extensions and expand up to 48 or begin with one line and grow to 31.
  • Option to have desk phone calls also ring on cell and home phones
  • Ability to add accessories, such as wireless headsets and credit card machines
  • Built-in battery back-up and two power failure transfer ports for business continuity
  • Built-in five-party conferencing capability
  • Call recording
  • Option to connect the PARTNER system via T1, analog lines or IP technologies (e.g., SIP trunking)
  • Access to durable and easy-to-use phones, including 6-, 18- and 34-button desk phones and 3910 multiline wireless handsets

Avaya Definity

Our team can help you implement, support and maintain products from the Avaya Definity family, including the following:

  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • Avaya Media Servers
  • Avaya Media Gateways

Additionally, we can assist you with migration or support for these products:

  • System 25
  • System 75
  • Definity BCS
  • Definity ECS
  • Definity CSI
  • Definity Prologix
  • Definity G3
  • Definity SI
  • Definity SCC
  • Definity MCC
  • Definity CMC
  • Definity G1
  • Definity G2
  • Definity G3
  • Definity G3si
  • Definity G3r
  • Any other Definity-affiliated product

Avaya Aura

Avaya designed the Aura platform for businesses in need of integrated and multimodal communications infrastructure. Give your team the technology they need to communicate and collaborate effectively with clients and coworkers with this product, which utilizes an SIP application to adapt to different user devices and locations. Key elements and features include the following:

  • Session Manager for coordinating multimedia interactions across complex networks composed of both Avaya and third-party products
  • Communication Manager, which works with Sessions Manager to establish the groundwork for real-time voice and video communications
  • Presence Services, an open-standards-based and multiprotocol feature
  • System Platform, which leverages virtualization to consolidate apps in a single server
  • System Manager, a highly secure, browser-based, centralized and integrated network management implement
  • Session Border Controller for Enterprise, which includes advanced features for secure real-time communications beyond your internal network
  • Application Enablement Services, which link the Communication Manager to external apps.

Additionally, Avaya Aura drives engagement with the following next-gen applications:

  • Avaya Scopia Video Solutions
  • Avaya Aura Messaging
  • Avaya Multimedia Messaging
  • Avaya Communicator, a unified communications client
  • Avaya Aura Conferencing
  • DevConnect Applications

Avaya Aura Communication Manager

This highly reliable and extensible IP telephony software serves as one of the foundational building blocks of the Avaya Aura platform and enables Avaya to provide high-quality communication capabilities to businesses of all sizes. With upwards of 700 PBX features and a high level of scalability, Communication Manager empowers modern workers with next-gen features for mobility and support for various gateways, servers and IP-based, analog and digital devices. Key Communication Manager capabilities include the following:

  • Built-in contact center and conferencing applications
  • Rich voice, messaging and engagement features
  • Centralized call control
  • Ability to scale from under 100 users to up to 36,000 on one system and over 1 million on a single network
  • E911 capabilities
  • Support for SIP, H.323 and other industry-standard protocols over various networks to facilitate centralized voice mail, call centers and attendant operations for multiple sites
  • And more

Communication Manager is available as part of the packages for Avaya Aura Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition and can serve as either an evolution server (delivering features to SIP and non-SIP endpoints) or a feature server (providing capabilities for SIP endpoints via the IP Multimedia System half-call model).

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (Avaya SBCE)

To accommodate growing numbers of mobile and remote workers, many businesses have moved away from standard dial tone solutions (such as POTS lines and digital PRI/T1s) and toward voice communication delivered over the internet. SIP-based networks have become popular due to their support for not only high-quality voice but also HD video and other real-time collaboration capabilities. Although SIP trunks can lead to greater productivity, they also present potential security vulnerabilities at the points where they connect to public networks. That's where the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) comes in.

For growing businesses that want to ensure access to communications while also combating hackers, the Avaya SBCE delivers next-gen application-layer security architecture via a flexible single-box solution. It terminates SIP trunks for dial tone and SIP extensions for remote workers. Employees working from home with J Series phones terminate their IP phones to the SBC for security, and staff members leveraging Avaya mobile apps can rely on it for security as well.

The Avaya SBCE provides enterprises with all the technology they need to minimize security risks at a lower cost than standard session border controllers. Some key features include the following:

  • Ability to scale up based on virtual resources
  • VMware compatible or hardware options available
  • Protection against Denial of Service (DoS), spoofing, toll-fraud blocking, call hijacking, and other types of hacking
  • Highly granular policy enforcement
  • Compatibility with multiple vendors (e.g., Cisco, Mitel and ShoreTel)
  • Simultaneous recording via SIPREC
  • And more

Avaya one-X

Enhance your communications capabilities with the Avaya one-X line of products:

Avaya one-X Mobile for enhanced remote call forwarding and mobile twinning

Avaya one-X desk phones (with various models available, depending on your Avaya Call Processor)

  • Cost-effective Avaya 1600 Series IP phones
  • Avaya 9600 Series IP phones with digital displays
  • And more

Devices, Endpoints and Phones

With high-quality phones and other devices from Avaya, you'll have all the features you need to communicate effectively along with security and reliability. Available products include the following:

Avaya J Series phones, featuring a modern design and seamless SIP and Avaya IP Office support integration

  • J129 IP phone
  • J139 IP phone
  • J169 IP phone
  • J179 IP phone
  • J100 Wireless Module
  • JBM24 Button Module
  • JEM24 Expansion Module

Avaya H200 series devices made for the hospitality industry with features like soft keys and context-sensitive user interfaces on select models

  • H229 IP device
  • H239 IP device
  • H249 IP device

Avaya Vantage Multimedia Device, a customizable desktop phone that serves as both a traditional phone and a multi-functional application device

Avaya audio and video conferencing devices to keep your team connected from anywhere

  • B109 conferencing device
  • B149 conferencing device
  • B159 conferencing device
  • B169 SIP conferencing device
  • B179 conferencing device
  • B189 conferencing device
  • Avaya IX Collaboration Unit
  • Avaya B100 expansion microphones

As a trusted Avaya partner, we can help you determine whether these on-premises offerings and other Avaya products align with your requirements and goals. Additionally, our comprehensive support services can ensure your Avaya solutions maintain peak performance. To learn more and get in touch with our telephony and communications experts, give us a call at 877-599-3999 or email sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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