3 Tech Accessories You Can Make at Home

DIY tech accessories

It’s great to purchase accessories for your different gadgets, but over time the expenses can add up. Why not try these three DIY projects yourself?

Homemade Tablet Cover
Tablets, like the Amazon Kindle or iPad, definitely need a cover of some kind to keep the screens from cracking or the outside getting scratched. Unfortunately, most quality covers are expensive. Instead of dropping big bucks on Amazon or at the Apple store, go to your local book store and find a hardcover book that has the same dimensions as your tablet. Next, cut out a tablet-sized rectangle from the pages and apply glue to the pages on the side of the rectangle to make sure they stay together. Once the glue dries, your cover is ready to go!

Touch-screen Gloves
Every smartphone owner knows how difficult it is to use a touch-screen in the winter without removing your gloves. You can go online and buy touch-screen friendly gloves, but those can be upwards of $30. Instead, you can make your own by buying a pair of regular gloves and sewing conductive thread into the fingertips. A simple Internet search will help you find the right amount of thread for less than $10.

Screen Protector
Screen protectors are necessary to keep your device from getting scratched or shattering. These often cost more than $10, which is expensive considering what you’re buying. Luckily, you can make your own by going to the nearest fabric store and asking for their thinnest clear vinyl. A yard should only cost a few dollars, and any extra you can use for your other devices. Once you have this, cut it to the size of your device’s screen and cut out holes for any buttons. Then, apply the film and use a credit card to remove any air bubbles.


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