5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch

cloudCloud computing has become intertwined with the modern business world. From powerful virtualization tools to scalable IT infrastructure, any company that relies on tech in some fashion likely has a cloud computing solution.

But this super-speed technology is always evolving, and an exciting trend or two lurks around the corner. Here are five trends in cloud computing to keep an eye out for.

1. Automated data. You’ve probably read time and again about businesses making a big hullabaloo about big data, the practice of collecting information for practical deployment across all spectrums. But recent developments in cloud analytic tools may make it so this information can be sorted, stored, and studied by automated processes. This gives greater insight into the data and how it will be deployed into business decisions.

2. Serverless cloud. Cloud services and abilities are primarily run through server storage. However, serverless cloud developments are on the rise. In other words, resources dedicated to server maintenance (like network infrastructure) will be lessened, reducing costs across the board.

3. Improved security. Often the biggest deterrent to would-be cloud adopters, security for cloud solutions is expected to grow this year with more in-depth solutions to the problems facing cloud models. If so, this could bring in lots of potential growth to cloud solutions in general since a greater number of businesses will feel comfortable utilizing them.

4. Safer transactions. Added to the security element mentioned above, it’s expected that transactions carried through cloud solutions will become more secure than ever. Advancements in encryption mean information passed through cloud networks is harder to crack, therefore making the cloud environment ideal for carrying out business.

This grows consumer confidence and invites more companies to use the cloud as their go-to for purchase security.

5. Migration to the cloud. A few years back, the cloud was considered a technologically nebulous thing only understandable by the highest minds. Today that’s no longer true.

Businesses across the board are asking “How are we going to merge into cloud solutions?” instead of saying “We aren’t ready yet.” These means there’s an expectation of large scale cloud adoption by companies of all sizes. It’s theorized infrastructure and IT will start making plans to move into cloud systems, venturing further into the modern age.

There are plenty of other trends out there than the five listed here. Plenty of other developments are still bubbling under the surface, ready to take hold of companies in the United States. Things like big data-focused technology, refining the term cloud (to avoid obfuscation of the actual service), adapting processes, cloud adoption emphasis in the workplace, and more are right around the corner.

Indeed, with smart devices on the horizon and larger adoption of cloud services, business markets are quickly moving into a new era of powerful technology. How far the impact goes remains to be seen, but the emphasis on ease of use and simplification of cloud based solutions means widespread use is far more likely than ever before. Keep a lookout for the growing power of cloud this year!

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