6 Gadgets to Include on Your 2016 Holiday Wish List

IMG_0555It’s almost time for carols, lights, and holiday decor to take over the winter aesthetic. As December begins, everyone is bundling up, decorating, and getting into the holiday spirit. Some like to embrace the entertaining side and get their gift suggestions in order. Well, if you’re short on ideas, we’ve got a neat little list of cool gadgets to tack on to your seasonal wants this year! Here are six gadgets to scribble down on 2016’s holiday wish list.

1. Amazon Echo. If you haven’t seen the commercials already, Amazon’s Echo is a Bluetooth music playing device combined with smart technology. The Echo can do everything from playing a list of favorite songs, to getting you the news, ordering food, and even sending messages.

2. Xbox One S. While “upgrading” a console certainly can be seen as defeating the point of a console, Microsoft’s latest Xbox One S has a few new features for the truly enthusiastic gamer. The S will allow for 4K resolution, letting games reach incredible resolutions.

3. iPhone 7. No gift list is complete without Apple’s latest entry in its phone series. The iPhone 7 is as slick and powerful as ever, and makes for a great gift no matter who you are. Better resolution, size, battery life, computing ability, and more make it a strong iteration in the iPhone series.

4. Apple Watch 2. Along with its phone, Apple is looking to encourage the trend of smartwatches with its next model. The Apple Watch 2 is waterproof, has better resolution, a better CPU and overall more functionality than its predecessor. If you’re looking for a fancy gadget and have no ideas for a gift, consider this one.

5. Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8. Tablets are already pretty cool to have, and the Fire HD from Amazon is a great choice as it’s quite inexpensive with all the nifty features you’d expect. It’s great for reading, playing, communicating, and just about anything related to Internet browsing. This slick gadget will make anyone happy.

6. HP Spectre Laptop. While this one is pricey, everyone should have access to a powerful computer. If you’re not one for a heavy desktop, the Spectre can fulfill all your computing needs with a lot of strength behind it. The Spectre has an HD 1080p 13-inch screen combined with an i5 intel core processor, 8GB of RAM and between 500GB-1TB HDD sizes. Not bad for a laptop at all!

There are certainly plenty other gift choices out there as the holiday season approaches, but these are sure to give you lots of glee. Or they’ll make an excellent gift if you’re all out of ideas.

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