6 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer 2016

smart umbrella takes data for the cloudIt’s that time of year again: Scorching days and angry summer storms mix with fond memories of catching fireflies or hosting a grand neighborly barbeque. Or maybe not. Perhaps this year you’ve got plans to beat the heat, take a lengthy vacation, or just avoid the sun entirely. Whatever your plans are, with summer in full swing, we’ve got a new list of super-gadgets to keep you looking and feeling cool this searing season.


The first on our list is for catching all those larger-than-life moments from not so large perspectives. This small water/shock proof camera captures quality images at 14 million pixels and is ideal for action or stationary shots. It’s one thing to take pictures from flat angles, but what about from the perspective of, say, a tiny crab? Or a fish? Whatever the case, you’ll definitely remember your summer differently with this neat little camera.

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

Just because you’re getting closer to nature doesn’t mean you have to abandon all tech. Maybe you’ve got that perfect camping song saved on your phone, or maybe you want some friendly ambience. Whatever the case, this weather resistant speaker syncs to your mobile device as, you guessed it, a speaker. Great for music on the go.

Solar Hat iPhone Charger

No matter where you go, one constant remains: The summer sun is hot. So, why not utilize the power of solar rays with SOLSOL’s hat charger. Convenient for when you’re on the go and made of cotton, it’s a comfortable accessory that keeps your must-have tech powered up so long as the sun is out.

H20 Ninja Snorkeling Mask

Now here’s a way to conquer the vacation waters. The full-faced Ninja snorkel gives you a far better look under the depths with a clear protective mask and advanced snorkel system. Say so long to the days of accidentally swallowing a mouthful of salt water: The H20 not only provides an efficient airway but also allows no seepage of liquid when completely submerged. No more burning eyes and unpleasant coughs with this nifty gadget.

edLee Bamboo Sunglasses

What’s the point of summer if you don’t have eyes to see it? No, sunglasses aren’t the most revolutionary of tech, but you’d be hard pressed to not appreciate their value. These edLee designer shades are no exception, giving you stern protection from unforgiving rays while upping your style points.

Fitbit Wireless Wristband

Last but certainly not least, keep that form in shape with a variety of useful info from the comfortable Fitbit wristband. Everything from sleep patterns to heartrate can be measured with this fit-savvy device, and whether you’re out on vacation or using the summer for fitness, it’s a no-lose grab.

There are plenty other neat pieces of tech cropping up this summer, but these were some of our favored picks. Guaranteed to make your summer a memorable one, until, of course, 2017 comes around and we get to do it all over again.

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