7 Major Trends in Cloud Computing

trends in cloud computing

Cloud computing has been growing in popularity and usage over the past few years. According to Circle ID, 60 percent of current small-to-medium businesses (SMB) use cloud computing. Of this percentage, 76 percent virtualize small portions of their servers. As the growth is predicted to continue, here are a few current trends regarding cloud computing.

1)      Hybrid Clouds. A debate about the value of private and public cloud models continues to ask why cloud-computing is beneficial. Well, hybrid clouds offer a private infrastructure while providing the cost-efficient and powerful qualities of public clouds. Hybrid clouds also offer personalized solutions, and as they become mainstream more companies will be seen using this cloud deployment model.

2)      BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With the increase in smartphones and other mobile devices, cloud users are able to put more data on their personal cloud services on-the-go. This allows for more syncing, storage and streaming.

3)      PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). PaaS solutions provide businesses with more efficient testing and development methods, which lead to lower IT costs and increased application development.

4)      Big data analytics. Combining cloud computing and big data analytics is much simpler and beneficial for businesses than choosing one over the other. This combination will provide businesses with an easily attainable and scalable tool for competing in the marketplace.

5)      Graphics as a service. New cloud-based graphics technologies allow end users to run high-end graphic design applications with an HTML5 web browser.

6)      Identity management and protection. As more and more information and data is being moved to cloud systems, security is a major concern among businesses. Identity management solutions are predicted to be developed over the next year in response to new cloud based security paradigms.

7)      Web-powered apps. Cloud-based applications are starting to be developed and will be compatible on multiple platforms to ensure the efficiency of cloud computing.

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