Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth It?

who to follow on twitterSocial media can serve as a strong mainstream marketing platform that serves all industries. For example, Facebook runs a page titled “Success Stories about Facebook Advertising“. It contains real-life stories of various businesses that achieved their goals through Facebook advertising.

However, there are a few things you need to know in order to successfully market your business using social media channels. Here are some factors and advantages to consider as you craft your social media marketing strategy.

Factors that determine the success of a paid social media marketing campaign

1. Success in finding the right target markets. Knowing your target audience is essential. One common mistake is assuming that Facebook friends or Twitter followers constitute your target market.

You need to define your target market according to a list of essential traits. This information will help you identify the likely Facebook groups to market your products or services. Social media strategists will help you find suitable target markets on social media by using keyword tools.

2. Advertisement budget. Facebook and Twitter calculate their advertisement rates using the scope of audience. A Facebook advertisement that targets 1,000 people a day costs roughly $5, for example. You’ll need to double your expenditure if you want to reach 2,000 people a day. Premium rates enable clients to reach a million individuals within a city or country.

A well-established business can rely on shorter advertisements, since they’ve already established their market share. On the other hand, a new company needs more advertisements to make a name for itself.

3. Timing. This comes down to doing proper research on the target market. People prefer checking their Facebook or Twitter during their free time in between lessons or office work. Publishing your paid Facebook post or promoted tweets at particular hours gives your advertisement more exposure.

Additionally, if you sell seasonal products, you’ll need to run a couple of paid social media marketing campaigns weeks in advance.

Unique Advantages of Social Media Marketing Over Print and Electronic Media

1. It offers better features to identify various target markets. When creating a new paid Facebook ad, you’ll define your target market using age, interests, employment status, and geographic location. This makes the advertisement highly relevant because it meets users’ specific needs.

2. It contains accurate performance tracking tools. One advantage of paid social media marketing campaigns is that they give you the ability to track your progress. By visiting your Facebook or Twitter dashboard, you’ll see graphs showing how many people clicked on your advertised links in a day, week or month. These reports also show you the sources of online traffic.

These reports help you determine the actual impact of your marketing campaign. You can figure out your conversion rates by using the number of customers and website visitors within a month.

3. It can be saved for future reference. Facebook launched a “Save” button for its users to bookmark posts that they want to read at a later date. A potential customer that’s impressed with your offering right after viewing your social media ad might save it so they can come back and purchase your product later.

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