IT Support Chicago: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning for Small Businesses

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Every company that uses an IT network to accomplish business objectives should have a disaster recovery plan. But having a recovery plan is especially important for small businesses, as they seldom have proprietary data stored at more than one business location. If a disaster that destroys the IT system occurs, there is a strong chance that these businesses will shutter their doors not long after the catastrophe occurs.

Gartner, Inc. estimates that 35% of small businesses lack a good disaster recovery plan. If your company is among them, implementing a better strategy will be essential for keeping it business if a disaster strikes. The Strategic Research Institute found that companies that can’t resume operations within ten days of a disaster are likely to close. Furthermore, according to Richmond House Group, 20% of small businesses experience a disaster that causes data loss every 5 years.

Parts of the Plan

Natural Disasters only account for about 1% of critical data losses, but what happens when a small business doesn’t have a recovery plan in place isn’t worth the risk of not implementing a plan. When you work with a provider of IT support in Chicago that specializes in disaster recovery planning, building enough support to pass the plan is the first task. After the plan is passed, you wil work with the provider to establish the following elements of a recovery plan.

Offsite Data Storage

Storing data offsite is essential for recovering it after a disaster destroys the IT system. Ideally you should store data offsite on Solid State Drives (SSDs) that are faster and less prone to malfunction that Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

Deploying Emergency Hardware

In order to retrieve data that is stored offsite, you need hardware onto which the data can be migrated. In order to streamline the migration process, storing data offsite with the provider of disaster recovery services is an excellent option.

Selecting an Alternate Business Location

An alternate business location should be chosen in case the building a business occupies is rendered uninhabitable. A provider of IT support in Chicago that specializes in disaster recovery will recommend alternative business locations and coordinate for them to be used in the event of a disaster.

Scheduling Temporary Staff

If a disaster indisposes several of your workers, you may need temporary staff to help you carry out daily business in the wake of the event. A provider of disaster recovery services will coordinate for temporary staff to work at the temporary business location.

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