Chicago IT Support: Signs Your Business Needs a New Support Provider

do you need a new IT team?

Just as businesses can outgrow software and hardware solutions, they can also outgrow the services of an IT provider. If you think your company may need to upgrade to a new provider of Chicago IT support and say goodbye to its old provider, but you aren’t completely sure, below are four signs that looking for a different provider of IT support should be strongly considered.

The Provider Doesn’t Specialize in the Solutions You Need

Providers of IT support specialize in different solutions. That your current provider doesn’t specialize in a solution you need doesn’t mean it’s a bad company. However, it does mean that you need to start looking for a new provider of Chicago IT support. Otherwise, your company could get stuck in a technological rut because its IT provider doesn’t offer the right solutions.

The Provider Doesn’t Offer Around the Clock Support

Companies whose business goals rely heavily on the IT network typically opt for around the clock network support. If your company needs to have its network monitored around the clock, and its IT provider doesn’t offer 24/7 support, it has two choices: perform around the clock support in house, or look for a new Chicago IT support provider that offers 24/7 support.

The Provider has Trouble Resolving Network Problems Remotely

While some network problems require technicians to be deployed onsite, a provider of remote IT support should nonetheless be able to resolve over 90% of network alarms remotely using elite diagnostic tools. Providers that can’t do this ultimately hamper the productivity of their customers and disrupt the work environment by constantly sending in technicians to correct problems.

The Provider Subcontracts Work to Other IT Service Providers

Subcontracting work to another service provider isn’t illegal or underhanded, but it does make it hard to hold the first tier provider accountable for the quality of the services you receive. If you aren’t satisfied with some of the services you receive, and the provider outsources the services to another company, choosing a provider that handles all of its services is the best option.

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