How to Effectively Keep Your Business Safe

keep your information safe

Last year, information security was a hot topic. From data breaches at Target and Home Depot to vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, news about security threats were everywhere. In 2014, there were 6,204 vulnerabilities and 13 zero day vulnerabilities. There were 250 total data breaches and 374 million total identities exposed. Why are these numbers so high? And what can companies do to prepare themselves?

The threats in 2014 were the consequences of some of the changes in data security, including large complex environments and expanded attack surfaces. There has also been an increase in the advanced adversaries that exist. Customer trends such as hybrid cloud and micro-permeterization, bring your own everything and the Internet of Everything are making more companies susceptible to breaches. The fact is that getting breached is inevitable. By accepting that fact, customers can better prepare themselves for the attack.

Instead of a standard backup and disaster recovery solution, a company needs to start the process before attack happens. The first part is preparing. A company needs to understand where the most important data is located and then protect that data from incoming attacks. There needs to be some kind of detection service to find incursions. And when those incursions are found, the company needs to respond, contain and remedy the problem as quickly as possible. The last step is to recover.

The key for complete security should be simple. An IT provider like Stratosphere Networks can ensure that users are protected on networks, endpoints and servers wherever they are, on any device they use. The security can be deployed how you want, whether on premise, as a service or as a hardware or virtual appliance. And lastly, it can be made simple with easy setup, licensing, service, support or managed via the cloud.

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