Top 5 cybersecurity trends to watch this year

Businessman touching virtual graphics with AI technology concept, connecting smart robot AI, enter command prompt for generate ideas, futuristic technology transformation, cyber security..Founding Father Benjamin Franklin famously remarked that “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” according to the National Constitution Center. If Franklin were alive today, he might consider adding cybercrime to the list.

Running a business today means combating a relentless onslaught of constantly evolving security threats. Bad actors will assuredly continue their hacking attempts this year, continuing the arms race against cybersecurity professionals with new technologies like generative artificial intelligence (or genAI) inspiring novel tactics on both sides.

Industry experts predict that factors like the rise of genAI and Ransomware as a Service will drive a surge of cybercriminal activity this year, according to Channel Futures. If you’re wondering what to expect as you refine your defensive strategy, here are a few notable cybersecurity trends to watch in 2024.

1. Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) will fuel a rise in attacks.

With the availability of RaaS, anyone can carry out cyberattacks, ConnectWise Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Patrick Beggs told Channel Futures. You no longer need high-level coding skills to become a hacker; choosing a life of cybercrime can start with simply purchasing a kit on the dark web.

2. IT security will become a battle between bots.

As the year progresses, security industry experts predict that bad actors will continue to leverage genAI to execute highly personalized and prolific phishing campaigns, according to SC Media. Gone are the days when emails from scammers were easy to spot due to grammatical errors and typos.

However, hackers aren’t the only ones with AI on their side. Generative AI programs can also assist security professionals with tasks like coding, brainstorming, and finding vulnerabilities, according to Channel Futures and Kaspersky. The cybersecurity arms race will intensify this year with both sides bolstered by bots.

3. The global supply of security talent will continue to fall short.

The worldwide cybersecurity talent shortfall persists and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. As of 2023, the global security workforce deficit climbed to nearly 4 million, according to the most recent (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study.

At a time when cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever, businesses seeking access to high-level security expertise can turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to fill in the gaps.

4. Regulations addressing AI will impact security strategies and compliance requirements.

As 2024 progresses, we can expect the enactment of numerous regulations related to AI that will affect the world of cybersecurity, according to Infosecurity Magazine.

Numerous states have already introduced artificial intelligence bills. For details, take a look at this list of 2023 AI legislation compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

5. Bad actors will focus on zero-day vulnerabilities.

All types of cybercriminals will likely increase their exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities this year, according to Google Cloud’s 2024 Cybersecurity Forecast. Zero-day exploits have steadily grown in popularity as people have gotten better at spotting phishing attempts. Additionally, Google’s report explains that infiltrating a victim’s environment via a weak point they aren’t yet aware of means hackers can typically evade discovery for a longer period of time.

The right managed security service provider (MSSP) can help you avoid costly breaches and stay up to speed on the rapidly evolving threat and cybersecurity solution landscapes. Our team can get you started with a free 30-day cybersecurity solution trial or a free IT security assessment to evaluate your current strategy and find and fix any vulnerabilities.

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