10 notable business use cases for generative AI

A person typing on a laptop with a symbol depicting a head with "AI" in place of the brain and chat bubbles extending from it. Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT last November, the conversational large language model has demonstrated many capabilities and talents. The program can compose emails, write wedding vows, and even help dispute a parking ticket. Beyond generating prose and suggesting strategies for dealing with vehicular issues, generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT have enormous potential to transform how you do business.

Imagine a world where human workers no longer need to devote hours to basic and mundane tasks. That vision is within reach with artificial intelligence if you leverage it correctly. An important note about ChatGPT: The program has its flaws, mainly that it can “hallucinate” and generate correct-sounding responses that are, in fact, nonsense, according to OpenAI. Additionally, ChatGPT can be verbose, repetitive, and serve up significantly different answers depending on the prompts provided, meaning that specificity is vital. Therefore, generative AI must have human oversight.

Despite its limitations, ChatGPT and its programs can streamline processes within your organization, making work less stressful and more engaging for human workers. It’s no surprise that 42 percent of companies want to make major investments in ChatGPT this year, according to Accenture.

Here are some of the top business use cases for generative AI, according to McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, GitHub and PwC.

1. Sales and marketing content generation.

As we covered in a previous CMO Insights blog entry, ChatGPT is a font of blog ideas, keyword suggestions, outlines, social media posts, and so on. Say goodbye to writer’s block with AI poised to churn out inspiration.

2. Smart chatbots for customer service.

Generative AI can craft or enhance your company’s chatbots by answering questions about your products and services.

3. Data entry.

Why should humans spend mind-numbing hours entering data when a robot can take over and perform the task more accurately and efficiently?  

4. Analyzing large unstructured data sets.

Making sense of large volumes of data is a significant challenge for modern businesses. Generative AI can prove incredibly advantageous to businesses by analyzing big data sets (e.g., client feedback, invoices, and policies) and offering summaries and insights.

5. Coding and software development.

Generative AI can help engineers write, debug and test code.

6. Language translation.

If you need to translate materials (e.g., web pages or documents) to other languages, ChatGPT and other generative AI programs can streamline the process (although you should have a human check over the program’s work).

7. Legal document creation.

Instead of spending hours drafting patent applications, contracts, and other legal documentation, you can outsource the task to ChatGPT and edit the program’s drafts.

8. Craft presentations.

Generative AI can not only handle the text but also suggest graphics based on the written content.

9. Financial analysis.

While you’ll still want to supplement with human expertise, generative AI can examine market data and make suggestions based on the information provided.

10. Create job descriptions.

ChatGPT can make your recruiting efforts more efficient by coming up with job postings when supplied with all the necessary details.

A circuit board illustration with "AI" at the center and symbols for power, upload, a wrench, computer and calendar. Text below the image states that 42% of companies intend to make major investments in ChatGPT in 2023 (Source: Accenture).
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