Technology Tips for SMBs

Technology is always changing, and as a small/medium size business it may be confusing as to how you can optimize technology to its fullest without breaking the bank. Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, because we have some tips that can help:

Know your options

technology tips

Depending on the industry you’re in, you may not need a state-of-the-art infrastructure but you still need to ensure that your communication channels are reliable. Without a communication system you can count on, your employees’ productivity rates may decrease due to lack of team collaboration.

Use your website

technology tips for smbs


This might sound obvious, but your website is a huge part of your brand. Having a user friendly website that caters to search engines’ web crawlers will lead to more visitors and customers. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is extremely beneficial and you should create a plan to use this to your advantage. 85% of clicks from search engines are organic links, so being top ranked is key. Additionally, you’ll need to make your website mobile friendly as search engines take that feature into consideration when ranking your website.

Track your analytics

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Along with optimizing your website, tracking your analytics is important. Tools, like Google Analytics, help you understand where your online traffic is coming from and who is visiting which pages. It also tracks your off-page factors, like which social media handles are bringing in traffic or what other sites are referring visitors to your page.

Have a quality IT team

 technology tips

Having a quality IT team is essential. You need a team that is available around the clock to assist you with any problems and monitor your infrastructure so any issues are dealt with immediately. Stratosphere Networks is a nationwide, Managed Service Provider that has a team of 50+ IT professionals ready to assist you at any time. Call us today at 877-599-3999 to speak with one of our consultants and receive a free IT audit.

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