Online Tools to Help You Manage Projects

online toolsThe chances are good that you, as a small business owner, are juggling numerous projects at once, and the chances are equally high in this era of virtual workers that many freelancers and consultants dispersed throughout the country are working on these projects. It can be challenging to monitor the progress of these projects, and it can be equally difficult to assign new tasks, share important documents, and request updates from these far-flung workers.

Project management solutions

Fortuitously, several companies offer top-notch project management tools for small business owners. By utilizing these tools, you can keep your numerous projects on track and avoid costly missed deadlines. Here is a glance at some of the best project management tools available today:


This well-known project management tool has gained popularity as it is a single tool which allows businesses to manage projects, assign tasks, communicate with employees, and more. It’s truly a one-stop shop! It even allows clients to observe and comment on their project. In addition to schedule meetings and calendar events, which ensures you keep all relevant parties on the same page.



Quickbase has a lot to recommend it, not least of all the fact that the maker of Intuit business software is behind this program. Quickbase performs the same basic tasks as Basecamp. However, it offers a unique version of a simple interface and is equally useful for both large and small small businesses.


Some projects require more creativity than others. This is where Huddle comes in. This project management tool was created specifically to handle the more creative marketing and advertising projects that small business owners must sometimes take on. Huddle features a power live-conferencing tool that can make holding impromptu meetings a simple task.


DeskAway is an excellent tool for delivering an instant snapshot of the progress that has been made on a project. After analyzing this progress, you can use DeskAway to deliver quick messages to team members either to congratulate them on their work or to ask for changes or updates. DeskAway also gives you the capability to create and post to a blog created especially for your current project.

There are many other options for project management tools, each with their own benefits for individual businesses. Be sure to look for the one that will help your business manage your projects and personnel the best.


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