Why you need project management services to maximize cloud solution ROI

A person points to a hexagon that says "project management," which is surrounded by other hexagons with symbols like gears and a magnifying glass.A financial services organization and Fortune 100 company with locations worldwide had an outdated on-premises phone system and contact center solution. The company’s leaders reached out to our technology advisors for assistance. After evaluating various cloud contact center software suppliers and arranging for demonstrations and a technical deep dive, we found a platform that satisfied all the client’s requirements.

Our work wasn’t finished, however. To ensure maximum return on investment for the new solution, our team assisted with negotiations with the supplier and guided the client through the implementation process. We conducted weekly check-in calls and offered strategic insights for a smooth deployment. As a result, the go-live process for the new contact center solution went flawlessly at all sites globally.

That’s just one example illustrating how guidance during the solution selection process isn’t enough to guarantee a successful cloud migration. Project management and white-glove implementation services can make a huge difference during deployment.

Potential cloud migration pitfalls

It’s common for moves from on-prem to the cloud to go awry. In fact, 74 percent of companies have moved an app from the cloud back to on-prem, reversing an initial migration, according to a 2019 study from Fortinet. Numerous factors can lead to cloud migration failure, including but not limited to the following, according to CIO Dive.

  • Inadequate planning
  • Conflict among stakeholders (everyone from executives to end users)
  • The extreme complexity of large data migration projects
  • Lack of time and resources

One way to minimize your chances of having a migration torpedoed by these issues is to engage with a third-party project management service provider.

How project management services can ensure smoother migrations

Working with a provider like Stratosphere that offers white-glove implementation and project management services can make the process of migrating to a new cloud solution go much smoother. In our 20 years of offering project management services, we’ve helped numerous companies and internal IT teams complete cloud migrations that they didn’t have the time or resources to complete independently.

Our white-glove project management services save clients a significant amount of time they would have spent doing the work on their own. Our team can handle all of the following:

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • On-site hardware set-up
  • Coordinating all suppliers and the client
  • End user training services for maximum adoption
  • Supplier negotiations to maximize feature functionality and benefits of the new solution

Additionally, we offer managed cloud services such as programming managed for moves, adds, and changes and escalation support. Our clients can rest assured that the new solution will maintain peak performance following deployment with ongoing support from our team.

Don’t risk a failed cloud migration. Lay the foundation for lasting success by partnering with a technology firm that can not only identify your ideal solution but also ensure smooth implementation and continued high performance.

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