Case study round-up: Identifying ideal Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software with trusted advisor services

Close up of a person using a smartphone with a small white cloud hovering over the screen with up and down arrows underneath it, symbolizing uploading and downloading data.Having more options might sound like a good thing. However, research has shown that a more extensive selection makes it harder to choose and can lead you to make less favorable decisions, according to the article “Too Many Choices: A Problem That Can Paralyze” from The New York Times.

For instance, the article explains that in one 1995 study, researchers set up a booth offering jams at a California gourmet market, switching the selection size every few hours. The study found that 30 percent of the people sampled from a selection of 6 jams ended up making a purchase, compared to just 3 percent of the people with 24 options.

Other studies have confirmed that this “choice overload” phenomenon extends beyond the realm of jams. In the same vein, selecting the best Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution for your business can be challenging when there are so many products available in the marketplace. Like the shoppers who couldn’t choose from 24 jams, you might feel overwhelmed when faced with dozens of cloud contact center platforms.

That’s where our trusted technology advisors come in. With extensive experience in the CCaaS space, advanced tools and our partner network, they can quickly identify the best options for your organization based on your current situation, requirements, goals and pain points.

By working with our advisors, our clients save a significant amount of time and money they would have otherwise spent shopping on their own. To illustrate the benefits of our advisory services, here are a few case studies showing how our team helped businesses across various industries find the best CCaaS solution.

1. Midmarket Company Finds the Right UCaaS and CCaaS Platform
A mid-sized manufacturing company with approximately 2,000 employees worldwide needed help migrating from their legacy phone system and contact center platform to cloud communication solutions. Our advisors noted the client’s criteria and presented them with three options from our partner network.

2. Fortune 100 Company Finds Ideal Cloud Contact Center Platform to Enhance CX
A financial services organization and Fortune 100 company with locations worldwide reached out to our advisors for help finding replacements for their out-of-date contact center solution. Our team found an advanced cloud-delivered alternative that integrated with their applications and was capable of local PSTN calling on a global scale.

3. Medical Supply Company Enhances CX With Cloud Contact Center Solution
A Chicago-based medical supply company wanted a compliant contact center solution that offered email, web chat, voice service, and real-time analytics to support better customer service. Our advisors helped them identify a CCaaS platform that met all their requirements.

4. Property Insurance Firm Standardizes Communications With Contact Center as a Service
A group of property casualty insurance companies and surety providers wanted to replace different phone systems across five locations with a uniform and centralized solution. Our advisors helped identify and deploy CCaaS software that met the company’s needs.

5. Health Insurance Agency Advances Digital Transformation Efforts With Cloud Migration
A health insurance agency based in the Midwest sought our assistance with digital transformation and cloud migration. We researched and vetted various solutions, including a new contact center platform.

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