PC Tips & Tricks

PC tips and tricks

Dealing with a slow PC can test anyone’s patience. There are reasons why a computer is running slower than usual, and most aren’t malicious. It could be a virus, but before you take your computer in, consider these tips and tricks that could solve your computer woes.

The biggest cause of slow computer performance is issues and errors within its Windows registry.

Investing in a good quality and trustworthy Windows registry cleanup program is the way to go. Spyware and adware programs (along with other threats) tend to target the Windows registry, misplacing and damaging the files in it. Schedule your registry cleanup once a day, and you’ll be amazed by what a difference it will make.

Delete Unnecessary Files and Programs

While surfing through the web, temporary files may be stored on your computer. These files aren’t deleted on their own, and over time they accumulate and cause your computer to run slower. Although you can remove these files one by one, it might be worth the peace-of-mind to invest in a PC cleaning tool that can be scheduled to clean out the files once a week. Additionally, removing unneeded programs from your PC will improve performance. You can do this by using the Add/Remove programs feature, which can be located in the Search panel.

Empty the Recycle Bin

When you delete a file or program, it isn’t deleted right away. Before they’re gone for good,  files and programs sit in your computer’s Recycle Bin. When the bin gets too full, this can cause your computer to slow down. To prevent this, you should try to empty your Recycle Bin once a week.

Reduce the amount of programs running at startup.

If you find that your PC takes longer than it should to reboot, it’s probably the result of having too many programs running at startup. To fix this, go to Run using the Windows key + R, and type “msconfig”. A small window will appear, and you’ll select the Startup tab. From there, you’ll be able to turn off programs that are unnecessary to have running during startup. This should help with your computer’s rebooting process.

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