Scansource CX Summit

Several of our Stratosphere tech experts had the opportunity to attend the Scansource CX (Customer Experience) Summit presented by Intelisys in Chicago last week. With new tools and technology constantly evolving and changing the way customers engage with businesses, it is crucial for enterprises to understand what tools are available and what strategies are necessary to stay engaged with the customer and retain their business.

Topics ranging from SD-WANsecurity solutions, artificial intelligence, and the latest trends in unified communications and customer experience were discussed throughout the conference. This provided our team with additional insight on the impact of having the proper UC tools in promoting workplace productivity and giving customers and clients the best experience possible.

Key Takeaways:

  1. UCaaS is in its best growth stage in 2019.
    1. With the push towards cloud services in the last decade, unified communications as a service continues to provide businesses and business owners with the tools they need to stay in contact with their fellow coworkers and customer-base whether they are in or out of the office. It is predicted that by 2021, nearly 90 percent of IT leaders and professionals will no longer purchase a traditional phone system. Instead, they’ll move to the cloud and switch to an IP phone system.
  2. Millennials are driving a consumer-centric culture.
    1. Today’s digital world and the technologies that have transformed the way we do business are focused on the idea that consumers want and expect to have a good experience with your brand before, during, and after a sale has been made. The ultimate goal with promoting a consumer-centric business culture is to ensure that you not only gain new customers but retain those who have proven their loyalty and devotion to your business.
  3. Microsoft and Cisco will dominate the UC marketplace.
    1. With cloud telephony continuing to grow at an average rate of 15 percent and on-premise declining at 5 percent annually, it is inevitable that cloud phone systems will become the dominate form of business communication. Owning 60 percent of the marketplace in this industry, Cisco will be at the forefront of the cloud phone revolution.
    2.  Experts also predict that Microsoft will achieve the highest percentage of UC market presence simply due to the amount of existing customers who already use Microsoft programs. Take Microsoft Teams, for example, which since stepping away from Skype for Business has become the fastest growing business application in the company’s history.
  4. Businesses can significantly improve application performance with SD-WAN.
    1. Every single day, companies depend on business applications to stay in contact with their fellow coworkers, business teams and leaders, as well as clients and consumers. The summit discussed the importance of combining application intelligent SD-WAN solutions to provide insight into application performance, in addition to expanding app capabilities and ensuring that your business network provides good value to your organization.
  5. Understand your customer’s buying journey from start to finish
    1. In today’s market, the customer buying journey goes beyond just making a sale. When 67 percent of a customer’s buying journey is already complete before they even engage with the business or brand, that’s when it becomes even more crucial that your business has the right digital tools in place to more effectively help customers through their journey and provide the best experience possible.

We have experience working with a wide range of unified communication solutions from numerous providers in our extensive partner network, which gives us the insight needed to serve as a trusted adviser to our clients. Our experts can also provide insight on tools your business can implement to ensure that your customers and clients are getting the best possible customer experience. Additionally, partnering with us won’t cost you any more than going directly to the vendor due to our price parity guarantee.

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