Skepticism over Cloud Computing

benefits of cloud computing

Skepticism over cloud computing is still prominent among businesses. The common belief is that using the cloud puts your business and your data at risk of fraud or privacy infringement. However, as Computer World reported, cloud computing is just as safe as storing data on traditional technology.

Convenience is one major benefit for companies that use cloud computing. The cloud provides you with access to your stored data from any device. With the proper monitoring and IT staff, the cloud is perfectly safe and secure to use. Many people are wary of the “vulnerable cloud”, but as RSA panelists agreed, most companies that have switched to the cloud are satisfied with it. The reality is that cloud computing does have risks, but the risks are no different than those that threaten traditional technologies.

Additionally, the introduction of “hybrid clouds” provides businesses with the cost-efficient, powerful qualities of public clouds but with the private infrastructure of private clouds. Hybrid clouds also offer personalized solutions.

There are few instances where a company’s data has been compromised because of a cloud security issue. According to John Pescatore, director of research at SANS Institute, “A vast majority of enterprise breaches involving cloud providers, stemmed from enterprise failures and not cloud provider faults.”

A panelist and CTO of CO3 Systems Inc., Bruce Schneier, commented saying that companies should research the level of security offered by a prospective cloud provider. CO3 Systems Inc. is a vendor for incident report technologies. “The basic issue is, do I trust that other legal entity that has my data on their hard drive?” Schneier added.

It seems that the real issue is incorrect word-of-mouth that overshadows the reality of cloud computing. Through research and IT consultations,  businesses will be able to more accurately understand the benefits of cloud computing and then determine if it’s the right step to take.

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