Stratosphere Networks’ President Kevin Rubin Offers Insight in New Clutch Cloud Surveys

cloud computing surveyKevin Rubin, president and COO of Stratosphere Networks, recently provided expert analysis for two cloud computing survey reports by B2B IT research firm Clutch.

The first reported, titled “How Businesses Use Cloud Computing: 2017 Survey,” discusses trends such as increased spending, common challenges when it comes to the cloud, and the use of external cloud consulting firms.

One data point found that although only 47% of businesses currently use a hybrid cloud, 82% of businesses that don’t currently use a hybrid cloud are exploring it as a future option.

Rubin spoke to the challenges and strengths of a hybrid cloud.

“When you go with a hybrid solution, you have to make sure as a company it’s engineered properly to gain access to it,” he said. “It’s a little bit more challenging. But customizing your cloud experience allows [a business] to leverage different toolsets that are truly drilled down to their department, their individuals, and how they do business.”

Another data point found that 57% of businesses hired an external consulting firm to help implement their cloud strategy. Rubin urged readers to look at the data point with critical analysis, however. This trend can vary considerably depending on if it’s a small business with a limited budget or a large enterprise with a wealth of resources.

Yet no matter the size of your business, Rubin emphasized the importance of careful organization when it comes to moving your data to the cloud.

“Once you move an application to the cloud, it impacts your business, your customers, your vendors, your prospects, things of that nature,” he said. “It shifts your whole business. If you don’t do it right day one, you’re going to feel the impact.”

The second report focused specifically on cloud security trends in 2017.

cloud computing comfort levelUnsurprisingly, the data found that, in regards to security, nearly 70% of businesses on the cloud prefer to store their data there as opposed to on a legacy system.

While that question may have focused on security, Rubin spoke to other factors that can tip the cloud in a business’s favor.

“Some users move to the cloud because they want to reduce internal support costs and responsibilities,” he said. “Another chunk are simply attracted to the easy-to-understand monthly costs structure, which can be found on the cloud, as opposed to out-of-pocket cost.”

Alongside cost and responsibility, he discussed how the cloud is becoming more and more a natural choice for businesses, which can increase its popularity: “As the younger generation grows up using more cloud solutions such Skype or instant messaging – those methods of communication make it only easier for people to move to more cloud systems because that’s what they are used to.”

You can read the full reports here and here.

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