5 Key Benefits of Having a Managed Security Services Provider

cyber securityKeeping up with proactive security measures is a herculean challenge for any modern business. While on-site IT teams keep systems up-to-date, create technical roadmaps, and conduct maintenance, introducing the need to also protect network assets can quickly overwhelm them.

For that reason, various businesses like to outsource some aspects of their network security to third parties. This helps lessen the pressure on IT staff while mitigating the risk of various malware, social engineering tactics, phishing scams, and ransomware.

Utilizing a managed security service brings several benefits. Here are five critical ones.

1. Proactive security. It is far better to have a proactive approach to network security than it is to have a reactive one. This means always taking steps to prevent threats before they happen instead of responding to security incidents after they’re already in progress. Managed security providers work with companies on a 24/7 basis, deploying numerous security tactics to stop threats before they cause damage, avoiding downtime and other issues.

2. Improved IT performance. Since local IT staff members are responsible for the entirety of hardware, software, and maintenance needs, utilizing a managed security services provider means they have more time to focus on their job.

Security threats are time consuming and can cause serious damage. They’re also difficult to keep up with if an IT department is managing all other tech-related tasks. Therefore, letting a professional third party handle a crucial aspect of business gives your IT staff more breathing room and boosts their performance.

3. Professional resources. Because the occupation of an MSSP is solely to improve network security, a company has access to a range of robust resources. Security service providers employ a variety of solutions and methods to combat risks on a daily basis.

4. Decreased costs. Employing the same number of experts as an MSSP would mean greater expenses in terms of training, pay, and benefits. While that’s possible for larger scale organizations, small businesses often simply do not have the financial resources.

Additionally, downtime caused by cybersecurity threats can be disastrous, if not business-ending. Therefore, utilizing an MSSP reduces cost of employing expert staff and also prevents costly downtime through impeccable security.

5. Thorough security. An MSSP will utilize a variety of tools to fully protect a company from different threats. This generally includes firewall security, network connection management, anti-virus protection and assessment, threat management, and security compliance (or making sure employees follow security guidelines).

This level of management can be difficult to facilitate with limited staff, especially when multiple points of the business must be protected.

As you now know, an MSSP provides various assets, resources, and staff to create a protective shield against changing cybersecurity risks. Considering the number of new IT security threats emerging every day, it’s crucial to have the right security to protect company assets. If your security is lacking, consider an MSSP. They could be the solution you need.

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