Top 10 IT Concerns for Auto Dealers

IT managed servicesIT is one of the biggest components of a modern business. To some degree, all companies rely on IT – whether that’s through the hardware they use to conduct business or advanced services such as hosted cloud virtualization.

Automotive industries are no different. Dealers in particular have an abundance of IT concerns since they’re responsible for the upkeep of inventory, client data, and finances. Here are the top ten IT concerns auto dealers encounter today.

1. Security. When handling customer information, deals become responsible for valuable data. Credit card info, credit scores, personal information – the full nine yards. As such, keeping this digital data secure with the correct IT measures is a big challenge dealers must prepare for.

2. Maintenance. Depending on how extensive their IT programs are, dealers need to handle maintenance just like any business. Whether that’s reinstalling hardware or inspecting storage servers, maintenance is what keeps IT fully functional.

3. Staff. IT staff are in short supply. Experts are often found through third-party organizations, so dealers must cast their nets wide. The area may not have enough IT experts available for hire, and even so, auto dealers might have to invest for training and pay to keep IT staff on board.

4. Growth. IT is not static. It’s always changing and evolving, whether through security updates for software or new hardware to meet service demands. Whatever the case, dealerships need to make sure they don’t neglect the technical aspect of company growth.

5. Communication. Modern IT investments give businesses numerous ways to interact with their client base. The challenge those companies face is installing and using the right kind of system. Updating from legacy telecoms to more efficient systems is a big part of modern IT.

6. Backup. Disaster recovery is a big part of protecting data and information. When catastrophe strikes, how prepared is your company? Dealerships should look to have extensive BDR plans in place with their IT systems.

7. Efficiency. Even with IT solutions implemented, auto dealers should strive for efficiency. Have the IT solutions actually improved efficiency or just tacked on extra costs? Challenges with IT come from balancing investment with return on that investment.

8. Costs. IT can be a wise investment or a costly venture. Part of maintaining all aspects of IT is balancing costs, and typically businesses hope the right solutions and services will reduce expenses. With maintenance, staff, and hardware, auto dealerships must prepare proper capital overhead.

9. Consumer Experience. Is the IT aspect of your dealership improving relations with customers? That’s what IT should bolster. If not, it’s not performing to the specifications of a sales-based relationship.

10. Mobility. IT can help mobile communication prosper and benefit companies as a whole. As a result, introducing wise mobile solutions into an auto-dealer environment is beneficial but also has its challenges.

There are numerous tech-related factors every business – including vehicle dealers – must consider. And because of how reliant most productivity is nowadays on IT, businesses should take these concerns seriously.

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