The Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT support

pros of outsourced IT

IT infrastructure serves an important role for many companies. Storing data, using software programs and overall system repair features aid in keeping businesses efficient and organized. But what are the pros and cons to having outsourced IT support compared to in house IT support?

Con: Information Shared with a Third Party

Outsourced IT support may conflict with a company’s privacy or confidentiality policies because of sharing information with a third party. Therefore, outsourced IT support may not be an option.

Pro: Access to Expertise

Lack of training and changing needs can cause conflict within the in house IT support team and is where the higher level of expertise from an outsourced IT support team can be extremely useful.

Con: Lack of Direct Control

Having an in house IT support team can create a sense of direct control over info-tech resources, which is preferred by some companies.

Pro: Dramatic Cost Reduction

A variety of outsourced info-tech services can bring a reduction in costs, especially when the service provider covers costs, hardware expenses and system maintenance fees.

Pro: Improved Productivity

By having an outsourced IT team, companies can increase productivity because less time is used to deal with technology problems in house. The outside IT support provider can recognize problems in advance and fix current issues efficiently, which leads to less hardware down time and saves the company wasted time.

To conclude, IT support helps companies with software support as well as general system management and repairs.

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