Top 10 IT Concerns for Small Businesses

IT has become one of the main drivers of modern companies. Technological reliance means IT departments, hardware, and staff are essential. But for some organizations, namely small businesses, having the best IT support available is easier said than done.

There are major challenges a small business must overcome to meet IT standards. Here are some of the biggest concerns most face today:

1. Lack of staff. IT experts in both security and support are often in short local supply. A small business routinely outsources to managed service providers because they can’t get a hold of necessary staff – or the cost to employ said staff is too high.

2. Escalating costs. Maintenance of IT hardware and training/hiring IT staff is often a major investment which sits out of reach for a variety of small organizations. Even when utilizing managed service providers, there are monetary walls to overcome.

3. Security. IT goes hand-in-hand with security. Every day malware and malicious threats evolve, and without proper protections, information can be compromised fast. A general anti-virus solution is no longer acceptable, as organizations have to keep in line with cyber security standards.

4. Big data. So much information is available to companies that know how to look for it. Problem is, without analytical tools or trained IT staff, turning all this information into meaningful results proves difficult. Small companies have to utilize this info or be left behind in the digital dust.

5. Technological literacy. Top notch IT requires a trained staff, and not just specialists. Part of expediting work functions and keeping things secure requires educating a workforce on new technology standards, along with promoting a culture of competency and safety.

6. New technology adoption. At a certain point, companies have to shift away from their legacy systems. For instance, a traditional phone set up may no longer be cost efficient or practical, whereas adopting a VoIP solution is better. But making this change is difficult in more than one way, and small businesses have to know when to make the change.

7. Repetitive problems. Weak IT departments will lead to issues like repeat errors. Issues that plague a small business like hardware failing or malware intrusions cause threats like downtime and throws a wrench in productivity.

8. Meaningful BDR plans. Because of how fast problems can occur, small companies are tasked with having a powerful backup and disaster recovery plan in times of crisis. This is difficult, as they might lack the resources to invest in the best possible solutions.

9. Reactive support. The best type of IT support is proactive rather than waiting to react to issues when they occur. A small business has to maintain proactive IT or deal with various failures and downtimes.

10. Solutions training. Part of modernizing technology is boosting efficiency. This is only possible, however, when staff are trained on how to use new solutions implemented by their business. A small company has to ensure both technological literacy and proper adoption or see their investments go to waste.

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