6 Gadgets to Make Your Summer More Fun

summer skyAs spring bursts to life with all shades of green, summer isn’t too far off. Soon the days of temperate, warm days will be gone and replaced by weeks of sizzling sunlight.

Everyone will look for ways to stay cool, but there’s more than one way to do it. This year, a whole new host of tech gadgets is on the horizon, and we have a quick list of cool stuff to look out for.

1. Birdie. Some people like to take aerial snapshots of their favorite vacation moments, but not everyone has (or wants) a GoPro. Luckily, Birdie is here, an airborne mini-carrier for your camera of choice. Without the need for an expensive drone, you can take to the skies and grab some fantastic shots. It’s definitely one to look out for when planning those big beach trips.

2. H2O GoPro Ninja Mask. What’s a little summer fun without water? Dive deep into the ocean with the H20 Ninja Mask, which completely protects your eyes and nose while submerged. Built in with a snorkel system, it allows you to swim with ease and also comes with a GoPro extension to truly capture some amazing moments.

3. Tech Turtle Bluetooth Speaker 2.0. Planning some summer camping? Enhance your experience by bringing along your favorite songs with the Tech Turtle speaker. This highly resilient device comes coated with a shock resistant waterproof shell and can connect to the mobile device of your choice. Now you can listen to campfire songs of a different variety with concern of breaking anything.

4. Nipi Smart Cooler. Keep drinks cold with the unique Nipi Smart Cooler, a solar powered hub with a variety of neat features. LED lit, the Nipi cooler runs on solar energy, keeping your drinks icy but also charging your device of choice. No need to run back into the house to grab refreshments or charge your phone! Save on time and a little cash as you keep cool.

5. Elevate Grill. No summer is complete without cooking on a grill. But why not take grilling to a different level, literally, with the Elevate Grill? This gas-powered fold out grill is lightweight and portable, easy to use, and made of stainless steel. Packed with 14,000 BTUs, it delivers a sizzling performance as you grill up favorite foods.

6. Portable Sun Shelter. Sometimes the sun is a little too much, especially around summer time. Everyone seeks some shade when the noon heat becomes too intense, and this pick is a practical and efficient way to stay cool. This expansive umbrella-style shelter covers a wide area and protects from rain and hot sunbeams, perfect to retreat to on scorching beach days or during unexpected rain on a camping trip.

While there are hundreds of other nifty gadgets out there, these are some our favorite picks for the summer of 2017. Grab your favorite and stay cool in more ways than one.

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