Using a Provider of Managed Services in Chicago For SEO: 6 Benefits

Search Engine Optimization consultant touching SEO button on whiSearch engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most well-known yet most misunderstood IT disciplines in the business world. Part of the problem is that SEO is often described in oversimplified terms (i.e., it raises the position of your website in search results) while the math that supports the magic can be quite complex. Presenting it to a non-SEO- savvy business prospect could create more questions than it provides answers.

This is one reason why many companies choose to pursue the all-important result of SEO — a sustained rise in a website’s search engine results position (SERP) — by outsourcing the process to a provider of managed services in Chicago that specializes in performing ongoing SEO campaigns. If you take this route, there are several online marketing practices the service provider will perform on your behalf while you focus on core business functions.

1. Keyword Research
Also known as “search terms,” keywords are the terms people use to search for your company’s products and services online. Because optimal keywords for specific products and services change over time, SEO experts commonly recommend performing keyword research monthly.

2. Content Creation
Keywords that link to your website must be naturally presented within high-quality content that appears on the site, regardless of the content’s medium. Otherwise, a search engine is likely to assess that the keywords are “stuffed” into the content for SEO effect and issue a penalty.

3. Web Development
The ease with which website visitors can navigate a site impacts whether they will take the desired action, such as purchasing a product or a service, leaving contact information, making a donation, etc. SEO providers often perform Web development to improve site navigation.

4. Google Research
In the SEO world, Google is often talked about as if it’s the only search engine in existence. We all know that isn’t true, but Google receives so many more searches per day than its closest competitor that it’s become essential to adhere to Google’s website ranking “authority” criteria.

5. Scheduled Updates
One example of Google’s website ranking authority criteria is how often a website is updated (i.e., the more often, the better). Making site updates on a once-a-week schedule signals to Google that your website isn’t abandoned and is being actively maintained for consumption.

6. Scheduled Reports
The provider of managed services in Chicago that performs your campaign will provide you with reports on at least a monthly basis that show several facets of how your website is performing in relation to the strategies implemented for the campaign. Most reports are delivered digitally.

Need a Managed Services Provider for SEO?
If so, Stratosphere Networks can provide you with the benefits above and more. The SEO game is constantly changing. If your company or organization doesn’t have a dedicated online marketing department that performs SEO campaigns, outsourcing SEO to a provider of managed services in Chicago such as Stratosphere Networks is a great alternative. For a free evaluation of your SEO needs, call us at (877) 599-3999, or simply fill out our contact form.

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