Chicago IT Support: 4 Ways Companies Use Proactive Monitoring

IT supportProactive monitoring is a general term that refers to overseeing the technical operation of an IT network or one of its parts. Chicago-based companies without in-house IT departments often outsource the discipline to a Chicago IT support provider. However, not every company uses proactive monitoring in the same capacity. If your company is considering implementing proactive monitoring, below are four ways you can use the discipline to support business.

1. During Business Hours
In the computer age, IT network downtime is one of the biggest obstacles to productivity. Consequently, many Chicago-based companies have a Chicago IT support provider monitor their IT network during business hours to avoid dips in productivity. The provider uses elite diagnostic tools to resolve most problems remotely and deploys technicians as needed. When technicians are needed, they can often arrive onsite and get to work in less than two hours.

2. After Business Hours
Network problems can occur just as easily after everyone has left the workplace for the evening as they can when workers are present. So, it only makes sense to have your network monitored after business hours. Imagine arriving at the office for a busy day of work and discovering the IT network or one of its crucial components crashed the night before. Having a Chicago IT support provider perform proactive monitoring around-the-clock can help prevent this dismal situation.

3. During Work Holidays
Some companies choose to perform proactive monitoring on their own during periods of normal business but employ a third party IT service to monitor the IT network during unusual periods of business when no one is present at the office, such as during extended work holidays. With a Chicago IT support provider monitoring your network’s performance while you are away on holiday, you can relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing your IT network is vigilantly monitored.

4. During Sales Drives
Some companies also employ proactive monitoring on a limited basis during time sensitive sales drives, especially when the goal is to sell products and/or services through the company website. Proactive monitoring is valuable in this capacity because it prevents network downtime that results in lost sales conversions. Because the service provider excels at resolving network problems quickly and remotely, its support during a major sales drive can be invaluable.

Considering Using Proactive Monitoring?
If your company doesn’t have a proactive monitoring plan in place, implementing one can help support business productivity by ensuring that the IT network or one of its specific parts operates with great efficiency at all times. The model on which you should implement proactive monitoring depends on your unique IT needs, so it’s important to schedule a free consultation with the prospective service provider before you choose a monitoring plan.

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We look forward to helping you sustain the IT network to sustain business productivity!

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