4 key ways cloud phone systems can make a big difference for small businesses

A smartphone with a blue cloud hovering over it and raining glowing red dots down on the screen. Next to the phone, a shield with a checkmark hovers slightly below the level of the cloud.One of our clients, a Chicago non-profit organization with around 35 employees, realized at the beginning of the pandemic that their outdated on-premises phone system couldn’t efficiently accommodate a remote workforce. On top of that, the amount they were spending on dial tone, usage, and support for the on-prem system was straining their budget.

The non-profit knew what they had to do to allow staff members to work securely from anywhere while also reining in spending: Migrate to a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, a.k.a. a cloud phone system.

In today’s world of widespread remote work and digital transformation, a growing number of organizations like that Chicago non-profit have realized the many benefits of a cloud-based phone system for small businesses. If your company still relies on an on-premises PBX, here are some of the most notable ways switching to a cloud phone system can help you increase efficiency, attract top talent, deliver excellent customer service, and overall succeed and stand out from the competition, according to GoTo and 8×8.

1. Greater scalability.

Adding new employees to a cloud phone system is easier and less expensive than creating new lines for an on-prem PBX. This constitutes a considerable advantage for smaller organizations that anticipate expansion.

2. Affordability.

As our non-profit client discovered, on-prem phone system costs can quickly add up and become burdensome. With a cloud-based solution, you eliminate expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining on-site hardware. That can make a big difference for a small business looking to stick to a limited budget.

3. Remote work capabilities.

A cloud phone system makes it easy for end users to connect and collaborate while working from home or traveling. This increased flexibility and accessibility will make your business more appealing to current and prospective employees, increasing your ability to attract and retain top talent.

4. No need for internal phone system support staff.

You also need to maintain the on-site infrastructure when you have an on-prem phone system. With a cloud phone system, the supplier will handle maintenance and upgrades off-site, so your company won’t have to worry about maintaining an in-house support team for phone line upkeep.

A graphic explaining the top benefits of UCaaS deployment: Better employee experience, greater productivity, higher levels of customer engagement, improved collaboration among end users, better collaboration with partners and suppliers, faster innovation, and greater flexibility (i.e., end users can work from anywhere).

Finding your ideal cloud phone system

Once you’ve decided to deploy a cloud phone system, it’s essential to identify a solution that aligns with your current situation, requirements, and goals. Our trusted technology advisors have years of experience helping small businesses find the right UCaaS platform. For instance, we leveraged our expertise, access to advanced tools, and extensive partner network to identify the ideal cloud phone system supplier for the non-profit mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry, ultimately leading to lower monthly telco costs and greater flexibility for their employees.

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