Desktop IT Support Chicago: Problems Third-Party Support Helps Prevent

IT support keyTo outsource or to insource? When it comes to receiving desktop IT support, that is the question for many companies. Not so long ago, most desktop support operations were performed in-house, but that was before the software as a service (SaaS) revolution made it remarkably easy to receive web-based desktop IT support in Chicago and other cities. Today, many companies opt for third-party support instead performing the job in-house. The following four problems that this model of support helps prevent are some of the major reasons why businesses outsource IT support.

1. Extended Computer Downtime
Desktop IT support in Chicago and other cities is available on a 24/7/365 basis that ensures computer problems are addressed as soon as they arise, rather than hours later. Imagine if one of your crucial desktops crashed after business hours and the problem wasn’t addressed until the start of the next workday. If you had to call in a technician to handle the problem, you could be looking at a turnaround time of several hours, which could create a significant dip in productivity.

2. Employing Desktop Technicians
Many companies would like to have a team of dedicated desktop specialists working in-house, but this isn’t financially possible for many businesses. However, outsourcing support to third-party specialists is an option for most businesses. Instead of doling out salaries and benefits to a team of technicians, you can hire third-party technicians for the cost of service alone. If your company has a conservative IT budget, outsourcing may be the most cost effective option.

3. Disruptions in the Work Area
When serious desktop issues arise, they have to be resolved expeditiously. If you lack in-house desktop management tools and have to depend on technicians to come in and do the work, employees will have to try to go about their daily tasks with technicians in their daily work environment. Because most third-party IT support providers use remote diagnostic software to resolve the vast majority computer issues, the need to have technicians on-site decreases.

4. Support Software Upgrades
If you operate your own desktop support environment, you will eventually need to make upgrades to the software you use to support the environment. When you use a third-party provider, however, you eliminate that cost. The provider uses its own software and upgrades the software as needed. Considering the expense of elite desktop management software packages, choosing to outsource support could easily save your company thousands of dollars a year.

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