What is a Managed Service Provider?

stratosphere networks managed service provider

Managed services speaks about the practice that is common to businesses of outsourcing their management responsibility. It is most commonly used when speaking of systems administration and computer services. It is a method that is used strategically for improvement of the day to day operations of the business and for lowering the cost of the business overhead.

A managed service provider is one who is the provider of those services and who is not working on the premises in most cases. They will oversee the day to day operations of many different technical aspects of the business.

Keeping their own offices and paying their own overhead the cost to the recipient of the managed services is typically much lower and more affordable, making it the perfect solution for small to mid-sized businesses as well as for larger corporations.

The managed services provider is usually an information technology company which manages and will take on the responsibility for all of the services–or a certain set of them–that the company requires. This is usually accomplished for a flat rate fee per month which allows the business to save money on the cost of keeping in house management for the provision of these services.

A company may elect to have all or only part of their company’s IT or other services managed. Typically when a managed service provider is selected they will take over all of the day to day information technology services of the company in question and will usually bill on a monthly basis, but may also bill bi-annually for larger companies.

Managed services may include nearly any aspect of the business or the computer portion of it.

Some of the most common managed services include:

  • Technical support
  • Database security and repair
  • Application installation and management
  • Updates and Upgrades in software
  • Website security and design
  • Content strategies and management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Computer and network support
  • Network security and management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • email management
  • Software support and installation

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