What to Look for in a Cloud Provider

smart umbrella takes data for the cloudCloud computing has become immensely popular among businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. The benefits of working with a third party are plentiful and often have the potential to revitalize marketing, IT, and the entire professional environment. So, if you’ve ever considered stepping into the world of cloud computing and its related third parties, here’s a few things to look for in potential providers.

Cost containment is one of the biggest reasons companies invest in third-party services. The bottom line is important, so keep an eye out in particular for third parties that have a reputation for increasing efficiency. Additionally, you want a service provider with flexible payment options – generally “by use” instead of a flat rate. You don’t want to pay for services you aren’t actually using.

Communication is also an important part of working with a cloud provider. Whether it’s use of service or you’re working with a management team, you don’t want to be left in the dark about what’s going on. For instance, if downtime occurs, having the ability to communicate with your cloud service provider about the issue and receive a prompt response can make a difference worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your company.

It is important to understand how a cloud provider specifically helps your company. While it sounds obvious, relying on cloud infrastructure is a lengthy process. You have to understand your business needs. For instance, if you find your network running into routine errors on a consistent basis, it’s worth looking into cloud providers that offer IT expertise or related solutions.

Another one of the biggest features to address is security. Your business and the clients you serve could suffer disastrous consequences if a data breach occurs. Anything from company history to client information is related. Therefore, when using a cloud provider, you should know their reputation for security. The last thing you want is for the provider themselves to get hacked. Remember that if your company becomes reliant on a third-party organization, you’ll only be as stable as they are.

These are just a few things to check for when considering a cloud service. There are still plenty of other factors that play into the cloud decision process, but adhering to the advice above will give you a leg up.

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